North Hoyle is the UK's first major offshore wind farm and represents a major milestone in the UK's drive towards cleaner sources of power. Built in 2003, the project is now fully operational and produces enough clean, green electricity each year to meet the needs of approximately 40,000 homes.

The project is located 4-5 miles off the North Wales coast between Rhyl and Prestatyn. It comprises of 30 wind turbines, each rated at 2 megawatts and covers an area of approximately 10 km2. Its location was chosen carefully to minimise any potential impacts on the physical, biological and human environments, and offers an ideal combination of relatively shallow waters, good strong winds and proximity to the national electricity network.


Residents in Prestatyn recycle their household and garden waste with an initiative set up by Denbighshire County Council. The scheme ensures that cans, tins, paper, cardboard, glass, plastic and food waste is recycled and that garden waste is taken to appropriate composting facilities. This minimises the use of landfill. There are also a number of sites in town offering recycling banks and there is a recycling centre that accepts various items such as computers, mobile phones, monitors, electrical equipments, metals, clothes, car tyres etc.

Denbighshire have now had the highest recycling figures in Wales for the last 3 out of 4 years - shown right in the local Newspaper.

Recycling Water

A state-of-the-art harvesting system has been introduced at Ysgol Clawdd Offa as part of the sustainability elements of the school's design and a water recycling system from Hydro International has been installed to save water. It is estimated that as much as 1,260,000 litres of water will be saved each year due to the installation of a rainwater harvesting system.

The system recycles rainwater collected from almost 2,500 square meters of pitched roof, filters the water and pumps it into the school toilets, providing an estimated 90% of the flushing needs. The school has been awarded with a certificate from Hydro International for its environmentally friendly efforts.