Roman Bath House

The Roman's Twentieth Legion had its headquarters at Chester 2,000 years ago and it is presumed at this time that an auxiliary detachment of the legion was based in a fort sited on what is now Ysgol y Llys (formerly St. Chads) in Princes Avenue, Prestayn.

A Roman bath house dating back to this period was discovered in the 1984 excavations at a site in Melyd Avenue. The main reason for the Twentieth Legion coming to Prestatyn was great mineral wealth - namely lead - in Meliden that could be processed on site then shipped around the coast to Chester.

Among the more interesting finds at the site was a number of bronze brooches that suggested that buildings in the area housed bronze-smiths producing items that were for sale in the settlement. A more unexpected find was that of an Iron Age baby - carbon dated to be about 30 BC.

Keeping our Heritage Alive today

Prestatyn in Bloom work with various groups throughout the year to ensure that Prestatyn's Roman Bath house is well kept conducting regular litter picks, planting and maintenance work. We organise with a local Primary school to plant at the Bath House and provide them with an educational talk and lesson into the history of the Romans in Prestatyn and Meliden. This year Ysgol Penmorfa are planting herbs at the Roman Bath House that would have been commonly used in Roman cooking including.

Prestatyn also have a piece of artwork in the shape of a Roman Helmet situated on the Hillside as a commemoration of our Roman Heritage. The Roman Helmet is embossed with pictures of Sessile Oak leaves - a tree common to the area which is symbolic of strength and resilience. When designing the Roman Helmet Prestatyn High School were asked to design artwork to express what the children thought was most important in Prestatyn today. A selection of these pictures has been embossed on to the Helmet.

Offa's Dyke

The Offa's Dyke path runs between Chepstow and Prestatyn totalling 177 miles. Many walkers use the path, whether it is for a short stroll or to undertake the whole trail. Prestatyn is proud to be either the beginning or the end of the Offa's Dyke experience for so many people.

The Offa's Dyke path is maintained by a volunteer group - Prestatyn Offa's Dyke Society who conduct regular litter picks, maintain the footpaths, and ensure that the pathways remain clear of obstructive shrubs. They have also ensured that bat boxes have been placed along the paths.

A piece of Artwork has been placed on the beach front to celebrate Prestatyn's section of the Offa's Dyke path. It is called 'Dechrau a Diwedd' (Beginning and End) to symbolise Prestatyn as a point of departure or arrival on the Offas Dyke Trail. The top of the monument represents the sun. Walkers starting their journey in Prestatyn will see the sculpture against the eastern sky, and for those ending their journey the sculpture will appear in the western sky.

Acorns The acorn symbolises the Offa's Dyke National Trail and is a guide to walkers to help them follow the entire trail. In Prestatyn the acorn symbols are used on signage, lamp posts on the trail and information centres.

Information Boards for the Offa's Dyke Path