Car Parks

Wherever possible car parks in Prestatyn are decorated with greenery and floral displays. We have recycling bins available at 3 of our car parks.

Street Furniture

Prestatyn Town Council takes pride in ensuring that all 89 benches, 32 bus shelters, information boards, signage and the many litter bins in the town are maintained to a high standard. A joint scheme with Council and Tidy Towns has seen the changeover of old metal bins to new green bins which have flaps to prevent seagulls getting in. Street furniture such as lamp posts, railings, bins etc are gradually being upgraded and painted green which will help them blend into the surroundings and will help to keep a standardised image throughout the Town.

Signage/ Information Boards

There are many signs and information boards throughout the town to give residents and visitors information on particular areas, attractions and interesting facts about the areas, wildlife information and history information beautiful display of an evening

Railway Station

Renovation work on Prestatyn Train Station has been completed this year and now the Friends of the Railway are working hard to secure floral decorations on the platform. On either side of the bridge we have two pieces of artwork (shown below) these will be a focal point to anyone coming of the train or going past.

Prestatyn Bus Station

Within in the last 18 months Prestatyn Bus Station has been completely renovated and old bus shelters were removed and replaced with new, the landscaping was improved, new public toilet blocks were put in and the whole area was planted with sustainable planting.